Common Misconceptions About Patio Screens Explained

Your patio is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh air and sunshine with friends, family, or a good book. However, the constant buzzing of insects can make it a bit difficult to relax, and you might find yourself retreating indoors much earlier than planned. If this is the case for you, you should consider patio enclosures and screens to make your time on your patio enjoyable without the nuisance of insects.

Common Misconceptions About Patio Screens Explained

Perhaps you might be concerned that a screen for your patio won’t be right for you. This article will help explain a few of the most common misconceptions about patio screens to help you decide.

  • Misconception #1: Patio screens get damaged too easily. While there are some screen companies that will provide you with cheaper mesh screens that are easily damaged with the slightest windstorm, the same cannot be said for the screens you can get from us at Screen Medics. We can provide you with patio screens that can flex and bend back to the original shape to combat heavy storms or rowdy pets. If your screen does become damaged, however, we offer mobile screen repair services, so you won’t have to do more than make the call to schedule the appointment.
  • Misconception #2: A patio screen will ruin the view. From an outside view, patio screens appear to be dark enough to taint the beautiful view of the outdoors from your patio. We have screens available that can offer a perfectly clear view out of your patio while also offering a shaded view into the patio, like tinted windows. That way, you can enjoy some extra shade and privacy along with the nice view.
  • Misconception #3: There’s no variety in patio screens. While this may be true for screens you will get from other companies, the same cannot be said for the patio screens we have available. We have a variety of screen materials, so you will be sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs, whether you need one strong enough to withstand pets and children, one that will offer additional sun protection and shade, or anything else you can think of. We can also make recommendations for the best one for your patio based on your lifestyle and needs.

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